• Victorian Classic

    Mixed Doubles

    Runners Up – Tori Kewish & Steve Kewish
    Winners – Melissa Sinnott & Jon Hein

    Ladies Doubles

     Men’s Doubles

     Runners Up

     Runners Up

     VC Ladies Doubles Runners Up  VC Mens Doubles Runners Up
     Donna Barrington & Chantelle Lamperd  Jamie Brown & Steve Duke Snr



     VC Ladies Doubles Winners  VC Mens Doubles Winners
     Sheryll Beasy & Tori Kewish  John Weber & Eddy Sims

     Ladies Singles

    Men’s Singles

     Runner Up

      Runner Up

     Chantelle Lamperd (VIC)
    18.33 unofficial Average (1 Set)
    Best Leg – 22 Darts
    14 x Tons
    Highest Peg 68
    Rhys Mathewson (TAS)
    25.97 unofficial Average (2 Sets)
    Best Leg – 14 Darts
    32 x Tons
    Highest Peg 161



    Tori Kewish (VIC)
    18.58 unofficial Average (3 Set)
    Best Leg – 18 Darts
    8 x Tons
    Highest Peg 78
    Eddy Sims (VIC)
    29.34 unofficial Average (5 Sets)
    Best Leg – 13 Darts
    42 x Tons
    2 x 180’s
    Highest Peg 125
     VC Ladies Winner & Runner Up  
    Runner Up: Chantelle Lamperd (VIC) (Left)
    Winner: Tori Kewish (VIC) (Right)
    Runner Up:  Rhys Mathewson (TAS) (Left)
    Winner: Eddy Sims (VIC)


  • Lower Grade Tournament

    This is a new Tournament designed for the lower grade players as a stepping stone to the big tournaments. It was going to be in 3 Divisions 2 for the Men 16-19.99 avg and below 15.99 avg and one division for the Ladies below 16 avg if numbers allowed this, but the Ladies played in the Minor Division with the Men.

    Round 1 and 38 players rocked up to take part at MDDA, it was a great success with 22 in the Major Division and 16 in the Minor Division

    In the Minor we had 6 Ladies and 10 Men starting in 4 groups of four and the top 3 to qualify to the knockout stage, with the winners of the group straight in to the QF and winning the right to chalk the 9th-12th matches

    Margie Lee was the best of the Ladies by beating Donna Barrington then Seven Francois in the QF before losing to the overall winner Marcus Commerford. In the other half of the draw it was Ron Jones who beat Troy Young, Linda Thomson Will Duggan and then lost 3-0 in the final only by not hitting his doubles.

    In the Major we had 22 players divided in to 4 groups, and the same as above for the knock out phase. Leigh Eltringham did it the hard way by beating Kerrin Scriberras, John Cunningham, Gavin Watson then beat Matt Sciberras 3-0 in the final.

    Matt had his chances missing 40 in the 1st leg, 20 in the 2nd leg and 40 in the 3rd leg

    Matt like Leigh started from 9th-12th position and beat Troy Jackson, Andrew Waters, Bob Quince before facing Leigh.

    5 x 180 were thrown and a 160 peg by Tyson Barrington.

    Round 2 is at Geelong Dart Club on the 28th June and I encourage all you lower grade players to get along and support this event, it’s what you all wanted so I will see you there.

    DV Contest Director




    Round 1

    Major                                                                          Minor
    DVLowerGradeRound1Upper3105 DVLowerGradeRound1Lower3105


    After Round 1
    Major                                                                         Minor

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